Why we collect ring pulls

by Jane Rodgers

  • Posted on April 11, 2016

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Ring pulls on drinks cansrecycleable-aluminum-pull-ring-soft-drink-can-16201583

We collect the ring pulls from drinks cans for
The Prosthetic Limb Foundation
This Foundation was established by HRH The Princess Mother in 1992 as an organisation to provide much needed artificial joints and limbs mainly for the rural poor.

The main factory for making the limbs and joints is in Chiang Mai, and their work is carried out throughout Thailand, but also help and advice is given to China Malaysia, Senegal and many other places.

The ring pulls we collect are melted down and each 25,000 pulls (1kg) will help to make 2 large (above the knee) or 7 small joints (below the knee). For some of the extremely hardwearing parts of the joints the aluminium is mixed with magnesium and other substances to form an alloy. The metal once melted is poured into the prepared wet sand mould. Wet sand is used for the mould saving time over the traditional gypsum method. Very hard wearing but supple plastics are also required and these are donated by the petro chemical industry.

Mobile units are regularly sent out by the Foundation to rural areas and they hope try to do at least 200 fittings in a very short time period. Many people around the border areas are still affected by landmines and this is the largest reason for so many limbs being required. Shootings, accidents and birth defects are the other main reasons. A unique farmer’s limb has been specially developed enabling farmers to continue work in the paddy fields.

So keep drinking and keep collecting, it’s so easy to do and goes to such a worthwhile cause.

For more details on how to get your ring pulls to us please contact chairman@bwgbangkok.org

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