Mercy Centre Christmas Party

by Sue Davy

  • Posted on April 2, 2017

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HDF Mercy Centre Christmas Party
By Michele Savage
Was it a Valentine’s Day party or a Christmas party? Well whatever it was, the 60 Mercy Centre kindergarten children had a ball when the crazy ladies and gentlemen from the BWG arrived on the 14th February bearing gift bags, which were kindly donated by Bumrungrad Hospital and filled with gifts from the BWG and a monster bag of the cutest teddies! We also had some gifts donated from the Christmas committee  in Reepham, a little sleepy town in rural Norfolk.
As it was Valentine’s Day, we were all greeted by the children who adorned us with heart and rose stickers, as is the tradition  in Thailand. Lots of fun and games followed and although the games were new to the children they soon got the hang of musical statues (well sort of) and pass the parcel, just like kids in UK, they didn’t want to ‘pass‘ it on! The Hokey Cokey got out of hand as always, but was great fun. The children all took the opportunity to have their faces painted and eventually sat down to lunch (paid for by BWG), for a well-earned rest.
Of course the exciting bit was to come when Father Christmas arrived (aka Kevin Barber), who did a fantastic job and clearly enjoyed it as much as the children did! Each child received a teddy and their gift bag from Father Christmas and had their photo taken with him. They were soon all sitting  on the floor looking at their goodies with great big smiles on their faces.
The BWG volunteers (Siti Survo, Michele Savage, Liz Dobson, Ailsa Kneath, Lynne Musson, Sheona Jackson, Kelly Williamson, Amanda Smethurst),  had a great time as well, although I don’t think any of us could get the ‘Birdie Song’ out of our head for the rest of the day!
Special thanks to Martin Kneath, Photographer Extraordinaire and Pat Barber who kindly loaned her youngest son, Kevin to play Santa.

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