70 Years On!

by Jane Rodgers

On Saturday, October 10 2015 it was my great honour to be with my 92 year old parents, Barbara and Stan to celebrate their 70th (Platinum) Wedding Anniversary! What an achievement! It was a quiet celebration which was what my parents wanted but a very special one. It was a pity my brother was unable to attend but that has its upside too, as it means we’ll have another celebration in July when both he and I can be there! Dad’s 91 year old cousin did join us, however.
Before I celebrate their day, I think it is interesting to know how their relationship began. It was in 1935 when they were 12 years old! They met at St Peter’s Church in Wisbech, Cambs where my father was in the choir. My mother attended regularly with her mother and sat in the front pew. A very good viewing platform! They got engaged in March 1942 before my father was called up to join the army and their 70 year journey began on October 10th 1945 at 2.15 p.m. when they got married in St. Peter’s Church, where they first met. Before they actually married they both ha