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October 2015

Our magazine is circulated to our 290 members and is read by approximately 1,000 individuals of the expatriate community every month.  It is also distributed to all our advertisers and therefore becomes ‘waiting area’ reading to the broader community.  

Please note that as we are restricted to the number of pages in the magazine and we cannot always offer full page advertising as this quickly becomes booked.  We operate on a first come, first served booking system.

Book early – don’t be disappointed!

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December 2018


Contact Magazine Adverts

Contact Magazine is an online monthly magazine available to all those searching or following a link. It’s availability is informed to all our members.

Our magazine is well read in our community.

Our website is a well-known point of research for all those intending to move to Thailand.


Full page advert ……………………….. 2,000 THB per month

Half Page Advert……………………….. 1,200 THB per month

Quarter page advert…………………… 600 THB per month




  • Minimum of 6 months contract (for new advertisers).
  • Adverts will be included in each paid issue using the artwork provided by the Advertiser.
  • Changes are allowed providing that they are received by BWG advertising by the EOB of 3rd Monday of the previous month of issue.

Facebook Posts

Our Facebook page is only available to our members.

Our Facebook page is well followed in our community as a point of interest and because of the numerous monthly activities available to both members and non-members.



Monthly Posts……………………………… 750 THB per month

Special Price for Contact Advertisers.. 500 THB per month


  • Minimum of 6 months contract (for new advertisers)
  • The advertiser’s artwork and text will be posted on the BWG Facebook page on days to be agreed (e.g. the 10th of the month or the 2nd Monday of the Month).
  • Changes are allowed providing that they are received by BWG advertising not later than a week before the agreed date for posting.    Advertising BWGT: +66 (0) 94 479 6899
  • E:
  • Val Baker
  • Thank you for your support of the British Women’s Group “Contact” magazine, website and Facebook Page.
  • For other special opportunities, please email

All artwork to be provided by the advertiser:

  • Full page ad: 297 mm tall x 210 mm wide
  • Half page ad: 130 mm tall x 180 mm wide (landscape format)
  • Quarter page ad: 125 mm tall x 90 mm wide (portrait) or 60 mm tall x 180 mm wide (landscape)
  • Magazine print deadline 5th day of month prior to issue date

Please note: Artwork submitted after this date cannot be included in the next edition

AGM 2018 Committee Vacancies


We need your help advert




The group is run by volunteers and we need people to help fill the vacancies to keep BWG running smoothly.


Advertising Co-ordinator 1
Contact Editor 1/2
Online Media 1/2
Raffle Lady – 1

Membership 1/2

If you would like any more information about any of the above please contact Ailsa Kneath

Raffle Prize Requests

 Are you going on your holidays or moving on?
basketIf you are moving onto pastures new and want to get rid of any unopened bottles /gifts, the raffle department would be most grateful and delighted to help you out.

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