Book Review June 2018

by Sue Davy

  • Posted on June 9, 2018

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Our BWG Bookclub ran a marathon event in June, with three books to cover. Our style is usually way more relaxed than this. As everyone knows, the main point of a bookclub is to meet some lovely people, have a fun morning, oh and by the way, to discuss a book which is either a thoroughly good read, and/or provokes some interesting discussion. Isn’t it?

There are a unique set of challenges to organising a Bangkok bookclub. This starts with finding a book that people can easily buy or download, and ends with having enough members in town on any given date to run the meeting!

It was with this in mind, that our choice of books over the past three months has included some golden oldies to either be fondly revisited, or to be discovered and hopefully delight, for the first time. We have been in Barcelona, Britain and Guernsey and have been discussing intellectual thriller, a historical fiction and a laugh out loud travel journal.

We went from light and fluffy, to deep and meaningful, only interspersed by ‘can I get anyone another coffee?’  Never a dull moment in our book group!

What I love about our BWG Bookclub members is the diversity of views. Isn’t it wonderfully fascinating how the same book can invoke utter dismay and have two member admit defeat, one member struggling through and feeling really proud of herself to have reached the end of a seemingly scholarly challenge, whilst another member gives it 10/10 and abs