Bookworms Book Review March 2018

by Sue Davy

  • Posted on March 9, 2018

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“A Man Called Ove”

Six of us sat down to discuss ‘A Man Called Ove” and three more members sent in comments and scores.Most of us had met an “Ove” at sometime in our lives and some of us could identify his traits in ourselves.He reminded Gale of her father in law. Saying that-although Ove can be described as the quintessential ‘angry old man next door’ he is 59 not 79. He is an isolated man and just made redundant as the book begins. He is has strict principles and a short fuse and spends his days enforcing block association rules that only he cares about , visiting his wife’s grave and reporting to her and preparing to join her.To this end he plans and attempts suicide in a variety of ways and a number of times-each time making sure he won’t leave much of a mess behind. He painstakingly covers the site of the intended deed with newspaper and tarpaulins. He is interrupted each time by neighbours in his community and even saves a life on one of the occasions.  As the story unfolds we see him become more involved in the community he lives in as people ask him for help in ways that he can and he begins to look beyond himself.
Some of us found the book hard going but one member commented that the wordsmanship and structure of the book was excellent which was a very relevant comment. It was also described as ‘quirky and entertaining.” It moved a few of us to tears in the last chapter which everyone loved.(the chapter not the tears!)
This is a book of w