Camillian Home for Children Living With Disabilities

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  • Posted on November 5, 2015

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by Lucy Chin

I have recently moved to Bangkok and one of the things I was keen to do once I got here was some volunteer work. Over the last couple of months I have been visiting Camillian Homes on a weekly basis.

Camillian Home is out near the airport at Lat Krabang and is a centre that cares for children living with disabilities. Currently there are almost 30 resident children and about 40 day care children all with a variety of needs.

My first impressions of Camillian were very good considering I really didn’t know what to expect. Before heading out for a visit I received information from another volunteer about all the children and their needs. After reading the information I was worried about meeting some of these children, as I haven’t had any experience of working with children with disabilities. The first time I visited I went out with a couple of other ladies, Julie and Sue from the BWG. The first thing that impressed me was the facilities as there was a small, well kept garden and a smart and clean building. The next thing I saw were the children and they all had big smiles for us. There were children in classrooms, others receiving physiotherapy and blind students in class with a teacher who was also blind. Every time I have visited the children are always smiling. It was an emotional visit as I have 3 young children of my own that are all fit and healthy and don’t know how lucky they are.

One girl in particular caught my attention, Pee. She is 13 years old and has b