HDF Children’s Christmas Party

by Jane Rodgers

  • Posted on June 7, 2016

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Fun and Games at the Annual HDF Christmas Party                                                    Sara Martin
HDF Xmas Party
As is tradition every year, the BWG hosted the HDF Christmas Party for over 100 children at the Flat 17 Preschool in the Klong Toey slums on Wednesday, 20th January. This is always a very enjoyable day for young and old alike and this was no exception.

Preparation for the day began a couple of weeks before hand, with gifts to buy to go into the goody bags very kindly donated to us by Samitivej Hospital. We also purchased snacks and coca cola for a treat and lots of presents to wrap up for pass-the-parcel and to give as prizes for other party games.

The morning of the party arrived and the children were so excited to see us and it just melts your heart to see their little faces light up. As usual, they had prepared a little show for us and danced and sang to welcome us to their school. After the greetings were over, we started the games. They just loved pass-the-parcel and soon got the hang of it, squealing and laughing every time a lay