Joining BWG

We welcome all newcomers and long standing women residents in Bangkok to join as either:

Full Member – If you or your husband/partner hold a valid British passport then you can join the British Women’s Group as a full member
Associate Member – We welcome international members, membership is at the Committee’s discretion and is made in line with our Constitution.

Here is a copy of our BWG Constitution 2016


  • Full Member: Bt 1800 (subject to change)
  • Associate Member: Bt 2400 (subject to change)


IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are changing the way we are collecting your membership renewal from September 2017. From September 2017, everyone’s membership will be due for the following year

In the lead up to this change and to implement this, the renewals will be on the following basis:

September, October and November – 1000 bht full membership 1,600 bht associate membership

December, January and February – 750 bht full membership, 1,200 bht associate membership

March, April and May – 500 bht full membership and 800 bht associate membership

June, July and August – 250 bht full membership and 400 bht associate membership

Click here to complete an online application form.

What happens after you join

You will receive:

  • A membership pack which will include a welcome letter giving details of our next newcomers coffee morning
    directory of members
  • Current issue of our “Contact” magazine. A copy of “Contact” is sent monthly detailing regular monthly events and activities, as well as articles on places of interest, member’s information and much, much more. Any events arranged after the issue of our magazine will be sent via email and be available on the website
  • Monthly events area of the website, where you will find useful information on where and when events and activities will be taking place and how to book for events. Activities you can join in on, ie book clubs, welfare trips etc.