The House of Askival by Merryn Glover

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  • Posted on February 12, 2016

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gloverBy Siti Survo

This insightful and compelling book was recommended to the BWG book club. As I was new to the book club I was given the chance to adopt this book as my reading choice. Originally Gale had opted for it, but she was kind enough to relinquish her choice to the newbie of the club. Thank you Mrs B for this great opportunity, as it did not disappoint me nor those who came together for the September meeting, held at the cosy Bitter Brown Cafe.

Merryn Glover is a beautiful storyteller. She writes about three generations of the Connor missionary family in India. The book touches on the history of India, (the terrible upheaval of the communal riots after the partition of India and the violence in the wake of Indira Ghandi’s assassination, by one of her Sikh bodyguards). The story partly takes place in a boarding school in Mussoorie in the Himalayas, giving an insight into the students lives. It examines their different religions, their families and the relationships with the staff and deals with emotions such as love, humour, courage, faith and the loss of it as well as guilt and forgiveness.

This is a great cast and plot, convincing us with perceptive descriptions of the characters held in susp