THEP Thailand Hilltribe Education Projects

by Sue Davy

  • Posted on April 27, 2018

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For over 25 years, the British Women’s Group has played a part in the lives of underprivileged hilltribe children in the north-west of Thailand through THEP (Thailand Hilltribe Education Projects).
The Thai hilltribe people are basically subsistence farmers in remote areas scattered across Northern Thailand with little or no access to education. Many fled from conflict in Myanmar or other surrounding countries. This lack of education makes hilltribe children prone to poverty and vulnerable to exploitation within Thailand’s tourist, sex and drug industry. But those children who can get an education grow up able to take much better care of themselves, their families and their community.
We at THEP are passionate about providing better educational facilities for underprivileged hill tribe students and the opportunity for them to realise their potential, so that they are able to help their community in the future.
BWG has kindly donated funds to THEP for school equipment such as tables and chairs, lockers and books, lunch projects, fish ponds, dormitory furniture and school repairs. Not to mention all the wonderful BWG members who have provided scholarships for our high school students and had the thrill of seeing them through to graduation!
For those who are not fully aware of our commitment to educating Thai hilltribe children, we are reaching out and inviting members to join our trip to Chiang Mai and/