There are various ways that you can help by collecting your unwanted items and small change.

Alms Bowl:
Collect your small change at home and bring it to a BWG event or just empty your purse. Take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves! An incredible amount of money is raised for welfare in this way.

Old Clothes, Toys etc:
Whatever it is don’t throw it away!

In-Flight & Hotel Toiletries:
They are yours to keep. Don’t need them? Take them anyway – the families in the detention centre will benefit greatly from them.

Used stamps & canned drink ring pulls:
Ring pulls are melted down and used in the production of prosthetic limb joints! Please note that only ring pulls from DRINK CANS can be used for this purpose.

AGM 2017 Committee Vacancies


We need your help advert




Our AGM will take place in March and we have several places available on the committee. The group is run by volunteers and we need people to help fill the vacancies to keep BWG running smoothly.

Assistant Treasurer
Assistant Editor (Contact Magazine)
Assistant Advertising Co-ordinator
Coffee Lady – we already have one lady who needs someone to work with.
Lunch Ladies
Membership Ladies
Welfare – we already have on lady who needs someone to work with.
Activities – we already have one lady who needs someone to work with
Raffle Lady – we have one lady who needs someone to work with

If you would like any more information about any of the above please contact Gina Christie

Raffle Prize Requests

 Are you going on your holidays or moving on?
basketIf you are moving onto pastures new and want to get rid of any unopened bottles /gifts, the raffle department would be most grateful and delighted to help you out.

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We need your ring pulls!

Ring pulls 2

We are preparing to send a shipment of ring pulls up to Chiang Mai so if you have any to donate please contact our chairman

Why do we collect these precious items?

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