‘Ye Olde Tarts’ 2015

by Jane Rodgers

Ploenchit Fair BWG 2015I cannot believe a year has passed since the write up of the 2014 Ploenchit Fair, where has the year gone! Just wondered, who came up with the name Ye Olde Tartes Shoppe?

For those of you who have never visited Ploenchit Fair, it is a great day with lots to do and it raises lots of Baht for the needy in Thailand, well worth a visit and to support BCTFN who organise the Fair.

Firstly, thank you to Sara Martin for contacting the Hotels etc. for all the wonderful donations, again they did us proud.

Thank you to all the ladies who baked such delicious goods and the ladies who allowed us to use their cars and drivers to collect from the Hotels.
Susan Buchan was kind enough to let us use her apartment at short notice, when I arrived on Friday morning, it was a hive of activity with the Cracker Ladies and some of our other BWG Members who offered their time to help, cutting, packing, pricing, boxing, labeling ready for the early collection the next morning to be delivered to Patana School. We had a lovely lunch and a couple of glasses of
wine to help us along.
Sara and I were able to go to the school in the afternoon to set up the table, then Saturday morning back out early with Catherine Stone to unpack all the delicious cakes, then a few other BWG ladies including our Chairman, Gina Christie came to help us before the fair opened at 10am.
Of course, we had help during the morning from our Patron, Martine, the British Ambassador’s wife, who did a great job and I am sure Martine enjoyed her time with us. During the day, many of our ladies came to help and do their stint on selling the wares, thank you to all who helped and gave up their time.
It was great to see not only British and other nationalities buying, but the Thai people loved our apple
pies, sausage rolls etc. That’s why we love British Food wherever you are in the world.
It was a busy day and we were all happy that everything was sold, time to pack away until next year and for those of us who were still there it was time to relax with a beer or two and listen to the groups.
Once again, a big thank you to all who helped and contributed.
Another great day for the British Women’s Group with the Ye Olde Tartes Shoppe making a total of
57,030 Baht for the needy in Thailand.
The British Women’s Group wishes to thank everyone for their very generous donations for our ‘Ye Olde Tartes Shoppe’ stall at the Ploenchit Fair 2015

Sue Steel

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