Book Worm Reviews October 2018

by Sue Davy

  • Posted on October 22, 2018

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At this meet two books were reported as we had decided to have a choice of picks.

1. Snap by Belinda Bauer
This book was long listed for the Man Booker Prize. It is a work of fiction about a boy called jack whose mother left him in charge of his two younger sisters -joy and merry – in their broken down car when she went to get help.She didn’t get help .She was murdered . Three years later – the father being unable to cope, disappeared leaving Jack in charge of his siblings- hiding in plain sight ‘ from Social services and Truancy officers and using burglary to provide.
The story then becomes intertwined with another pregnant woman – Catherine White – who was home alone and who managed to scare off an intruder in her home but later found a knife and a note by her bed saying ‘I could have killed you’ . The police found a connection in the knife being identified as the murder weapon used to kill jacks mother and the knife being the same as the one left by the bedside.
At the end of the story jack who by this time was working with the police very suddenly found himself on the verge of knowing who killed his mother.
This book is described as ‘an easy read which drags you in but doesn’t set the world on fire’ Just two people in our group read it.

Scores : 6/10 -1; 7/10 -1.

2. 17 Carnations : The Windsor’s, the Nazis and the Biggest Cover Up in History.
By Andrew Morton

A meticulously researched tour de force about the secret ties among Franklin D Roosevelt , Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor and Adolf Hitler before, during and after World War ll. Andrew Morton tells the story of Edward Vlll, later Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson and a Nazi plot to make him a puppet king after the invasion of Britain and the attempted cover up by Churchill, General Eisenhower and King George Vl of the dukes relationship with Hitler.
Andrew Morton unearths more information about Wallis Simpson – the 17 carnations
in the books title were referring to carnations allegedly sent to her regularly by the German foreign minister Ribbentrop representing the number of times she slept with him.
If you enjoy reading about the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson this book is worth a read – lots of new information including the shocking anecdotes about the lax way the. confidential documents especially in wartime were treated by the couple. However-
It is a book which one reader described as being a ‘ long time to wade through’ and
i found the section detailing the cover up including FBI documents, with material from
German, Russian and British Royal archives with bitter rows between between diplomats and politicians and academics quite hard going.
In summary a good book interesting to people who like true history and at the end of the day I am glad I did read it.

Scores: 6/10-1, 7/10-1, 8/10 -1

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