Book Worms Book Review for December 2018

by Sue Davy

  • Posted on December 7, 2018

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Crazy Rich Asians  by Kevin Kwan                                                   Jane Upperton

This is the story of a Chinese American economics professor Rachel Chu who travels to Singapore from USA to attend a wedding with her boyfriend Nick Young. She is the only daughter of a single mum who fled with her to the USA when she was a baby. She believes her father is dead. Her background is modest and she is totally unaware that the man she met and fell in love with is a member of a mega rich Singaporean prestigious ‘old money’ family.  Nick is essentially the prince of Singapore and is expected to marry a girl from a similar moneyed family.

Nick seems totally unaware of the dynamics and conflict he creates when he brings Rachel to meet his family. We learn of Rachel’s struggles to deal with the Chinese culture, jealous girlfriends and Nicks family and their friends who are probably as shocked to meet Rachel as she is to meet them.

The setting of the book is mainly Singapore and the lifestyles and lives of the top strata of Singapore society -living in a world where money is no object and settings are lavish, spending is a million dollars here and there on designer clothes and a fun thing is to go off to islands in private jets to exclusive parties.

It seems that the author of the book is writing using his own experiences. He belongs to one of Singapore’s oldest banking families and like Nick and others attended an Anglo Chinese School.  He no longer lives in Singapore and more recently is alleged to have tried to renounce his citizenship because he is supposed to serve in Singapore’s armed forces.

So what did we think?
The book has been made into a movie which some of us have seen. There was the view that if you had read the book or seen the movie either one is enough. One member put the family tree onto her iPhone so that she could keep track of the cast of characters. One member found the book was not  easy to read on her kindle and getting footnotes was difficult. And – ‘as for the book .i am not too enthusiastic about it and I wouldn’t recommend it to is an easy read about people with too much money living an empty was sometimes funny’
And me- I enjoyed the book and got a picture of the life crazy rich asians live not only in Singapore but I’m sure in  Thailand and Hong Kong and china too.I found the film disappointing – as though good makeup, clothing and expensive everything was enough without acting knowledge and skills.
Scores.  6/10- 3; 7/10-1; 8/10-1

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