HDF Children’s Christmas Party

by Jane Rodgers

  • Posted on June 7, 2016

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Fun and Games at the Annual HDF Christmas Party                                                    Sara Martin
HDF Xmas Party
As is tradition every year, the BWG hosted the HDF Christmas Party for over 100 children at the Flat 17 Preschool in the Klong Toey slums on Wednesday, 20th January. This is always a very enjoyable day for young and old alike and this was no exception.

Preparation for the day began a couple of weeks before hand, with gifts to buy to go into the goody bags very kindly donated to us by Samitivej Hospital. We also purchased snacks and coca cola for a treat and lots of presents to wrap up for pass-the-parcel and to give as prizes for other party games.

The morning of the party arrived and the children were so excited to see us and it just melts your heart to see their little faces light up. As usual, they had prepared a little show for us and danced and sang to welcome us to their school. After the greetings were over, we started the games. They just loved pass-the-parcel and soon got the hang of it, squealing and laughing every time a layer came off until the lucky winner reached the prize! Musical chairs was to be next using large pieces of newspaper dotted around the floor for the children to jump on to when the music stopped, but the fans kept blowing the paper around, this proved rather tricky, so that one had to be abandoned. After a snack of coca cola and handfuls of alphabet biscuits, it was musical statues and several rousing renditions of the ‘okey cokey’, which the children just loved!

Then it was time for lunch and quiet reigned as the children enjoyed the lunch we had provided. They were all so well behaved, sitting nice and quietly, finishing up all their food and then lining up nicely ready to receive their gifts.

While they ate, Bill slipped away to transform himself into ‘Santa Bill’ and when he emerged the children squealed again with delight. They just love Santa Bill! The look on their faces is just priceless! Then each child came up to Santa and got a cuddly teddy and had their photo taken with him. Many thanks to Ailsa’s husband Martin for the photos. The children were handed their goody bags and you could see they were all really chuffed as they looked to see what goodies there were inside!
After lovely words of thanks from the children and their teachers, goodbyes were said and we headed home.

Another successful Christmas party was over for another year. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these lovely children and their teachers and I hope that the BWG continues to do this for very many years to come.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped me out on the day: Sue, Catherine, Jane, Carole Ann, Dot, Ailsa, Martin, Sally, Liz, Siti and Pat, with a special thank you to Pat for taking the lovely photographs of the day.

Also special thanks to Samitivej who supplied us with all the bags with a pad of paper and a pen. We thank them very much for their support once again.

HDF Party 2016

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